Woman Football Player’s Make An Impact

Team sports have a bond on and off the field, but women football players continue to do great things on and off the field well after they stop competing. These women not only make a difference locally, but have become saviors for those in need out East and have served our country in time of peace and war.

Lieutenant Colonel Casey Chamberlain was one of the inaugural 90 players who participated in the first ever Women’s Professional Football League in Minneapolis, Minnesota and played for the Lake Michigan Minx. She has always been one to set milestones and her newest journey along with her sister Robin Transo, was coordinating and completing the mission to fill a semi full of supplies from around Wisconsin and deliver it to New York in order to help the survivors along the East Coast that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Her trip was not only an act of generosity, but one of selfless service by all who accompanied her by giving up their time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday to help those in need.

Casey and her sister Robin Transo were accompanied by Paul Sagehorn, a semi driver from Sparta Wisconsin, Kelly “pupp” Simon, a fellow military veteran and veteran women’s football player and Ms. Evy Wareing, a Hurricane Katrina survivor. A special thank you goes out from the Madison Blaze to Casey and Kelly for demonstrating the drive and spirit that we all hope to have as we try to make a positive impact in our communities.


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