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The Madison Blaze is a tenacious and motivated women's tackle football team. The team kicked off operations in 2013 with a core of veteran players, staff and coaches. Armed with a wealth of talent and experience the Blaze solidly execute on strategies that contribute to our success as an organization to date.
Who is the Madison Blaze? She is a fire fighter, a lawyer, a nurse, a student. She is the girl next door.

The mission of the Madison Blaze is to promote and advance women’s football in a professional manner while sustaining a positive identity within the community through leadership, guidance, and sound management.

The board, staff and players are involved in and support many local Madison and surrounding community events in a personal and hands on way. It is important to give back to those who support us and the sport of women's football. The Blaze regularly attracts a great deal of media attention and we would like to share these exciting business opportunities with you.

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  • Website & Social Media Advertising

  • Business to Business Marketing

  • Game Day Guide & Announcements

  • Celebrates & Supports Madison Community

Growing Together

Growth of women’s tackle football in the Madison Area has become a prominent & challenging sport choice for young women athletes in South Central Wisconsin. The Madison Blaze continues to exponentially grow through each and every sponsorship dollar. Our commitment to your business' future is truly a priority, will continue to provide many benefits to you as a business owner and team sponsor through our shared core values. Your support will help cover a variety of team expenses and necessities such as: game officials, field rentals, medical equipment and support staff.

We are excited for the opportunity to work with you in the upcoming season and beyond. It is our goal to help your business grow and flourish with new customers and clients by creating a dynamic ongoing partnership with the Madison Blaze.

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