Please join us in attending “Olivia The Brave”-Cancer Benefit

Olivia’s Story-In November of 2011, When Olivia was just 18 months old she was she was diagnosed with a a rare and highly malignant and lethal cancer; Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor, a rare variation of AT/RT Rhadboid Sarcoma.

One year later Olivia is now 2 years old and and fighting for her life like never before. Over the past year she has been down a long road of numerous cancer treatments, fevers, antibiotics, and a lot of ups and downs. This amazing brave little girl will steel your heart with her big brown eyes and her enchanting smile and bright spirit. This little angel has taught us many lessons of faith, love and hope.

Please join us to support her and her family in their fight against cancer as she enters the last phase of her treatment journey. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and stem cell transplant in an effort to overcome this this horrible disease.

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