Game 6: Madison Blaze vs Minnesota Vixen

As the Blaze took on the Minnesota Vixen they were out to prove that they are a major force in the league. Val Vechinski threw for 113 yards on 7 pass completions and 1 interception.  Vechinski made the Vixen defender pay for the one pick by making a tough and gutsy tackle on the return. Tiffany Loomis was on the receiving end of 3 of Vechinski’s passes for a total of 75 yards. Katie Mier had 2 receptions for 18 yards. Sheena Hirschfield had a 20 yard reception to go with a rushing touchdown. The leading rusher and scorer in the game was Kara Haines who ran for 218 yards on 17 attempts for a 12.8 yard per carry average that included 4 romps into the end zone for TD’s. Haines also added 24 yards in punt returns for an amazing 242 all purpose yards for the game. Jessica Lundgren added 84 yards on the ground on 10 rushing attempts for 8.4 yards per carry average that included a touchdown of her own.  The Blaze kept the momentum going as Tiffany Lein was the leading tackler of the game with 10. Lein also added a fumble recovery and a defended pass. Sarah Fowlkes and Tiffany Loomis each had 6 tackles and Fowlkes added a fumble recovery. Ellie Maier continued the fight as she added 4 tackles. Chelsea Alt had 2 kicks for 95 yards for a 47.5 yard per kick average before leaving the game with an injury. After Alt went out, the Blaze kicking game didn’t miss a beat as Katie Mier was called upon to kick for the remainder of the game and kicked for 200 yds on 5 attempts for an admirable 40 yd per kick average.

Blaze Won 40-6!

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