Flag Rules


A team consists of at least 7 players. 

A team must have 5 players to start the game. If a team does not have 5 players by 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time, that team will forfeit the contest. 

Shirts must be all the same or similar in color and must be a different color than opponents.

Players are encouraged to wear protective mouthpiece. 

Hoodies must be tucked in.

Forfeit time:

5 minutes after scheduled game time.


You must be 18 or older

You must sign the player waiver

You may play for only 1 team. 

Violation of any of the above will result in forfeiture of the game and/or season.

  1. Shirts and jerseys MUST be tucked in so they do not interfere with the flag. 
  2. No metal spikes 
  3. No jewelry
  4.  The game will consist of two 20-minute halves (running time) with a 3 minute halftime break. There will be stop time for the last 2 minutes of each half. 
  5. 2-30-second timeouts per team per half. Clock will stop for timeouts. Timeouts do not carry over. 
  6. Play clock is 25 seconds.
  7. There will be no kickoffs. 
  8. All play starts from the 40 yard line.
  9.  Coin toss winner picks “start on offense” or “start on defense”. 
Dead balls:
  1. The ball carrier falls to ground
  2. The ball carrier loses flag. It is then 1 hand touch on ball carrier
  3. Incomplete pass
  4. Ball carrier goes out of bounds
  5.  A fumble is a dead ball. The opponent cannot recover a fumble.  Forward fumbles that hit the ground will be marked where the carriers feet were when she lost control and not the spot where the ball hit the ground 
  6.  Snap hits the ground. Ball will be placed where the ball hit the ground.
  7.  A snap hitting the ground in the end zone is a safety. 
  8.  Interception, ball is dead and the defending team will now go to offense at the 40yd line.

Touchdown 6 points

Extra point (3 yd line) 1 point

Extra point (10 yd line) 2 points

Safety 2 points


25 seconds to put the ball in play

No 3 or 4 point stances by either team

The ball must be between legs 

At least 4 players must be on the line of scrimmage

All players are eligible for a pass

Only 1 forward pass per play

One foot down in bounds = completion

No diving, but jumping to avoid a defender is ok

No mercy rule


Offense may extend arms in front of them, but not out to the sides.

Defense must go around defender. If they use hands/arms or go through the defender, it is a penalty.


Winner of the coin toss has choice to go 1st or 2nd. Each team has 4 plays to score from the 20 yard line. 

After a score, an extra point will be attempted. Beginning with the second overtime, teams must go for 2 points.

  • 5 yard penalties

Flag guarding or stiff arm

Delay of game

Illegal forward pass

Intentional grounding 

False start

Snap infraction


Illegal Substitution/ Participation 

Illegal formation 

Illegal shift or motion

Stripping or attempt to strip

Illegal contact

Early flag pull               

  • 10 yard penalties

Flag guarding or stiff arm

Offensive pass interference.

Defensive pass interference


Tackling or tripping the ball carrier (even if unintentional)

Pass interference

Roughing the passer

Illegal Blocking 


  • 15 yard penalties (Automatic First Down)

(2nd penalty, ejection or disqualification)

Personal foul, contact above the shoulders 

Unsportsmanlike Conduct 

Unnecessary Roughness 

Unfair Acts

  • Bench Foul (player or non players outside of team box. Interfering with officials, non players on the field of play, etc)  

1st Offense: 5yds

2nd Offense: 15yds

3rd Offense: Ejection of captain 

4th Offense: Forfeit. 

Last Play Rule and Penalty
  1. If the last defensive player(i.e., there are no more defenders between the ball carrier and endzone) physically contains the ball carrier ( e.g., bear hugs, holds, wrestles with, obstructs, pushes the ball carrier out of bounds, etc.)  without making a clear, legal attempt to pull the ball carrier’s flag, the offensive team will be awarded at least one line zone to gain distance from the spot of the foul and an automatic 1st down.
  2. This type of action can result in a touchdown awarded if the foul occurred inside the final line-to-gain-zone.
Field of Play

50yd x 30yd 

Cones will line sideline 

The offense will start on the 40.